Hawaii health department investigates COVID-19 cases linked to gentleman’s club and school

HONOLULU (KHON2) — There were 231 COVID-19 cases were reported on Saturday, a new highest record for the state.

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With another high number of COVID-19 cases recorded in the state, contact tracing is underway, but the health department is having some trouble tracing a certain case.

One of the cases the Department of Health is investigating is an employee that works at a gentleman’s club. The department’s trying to identify the club where the worker danced on July 25th. Health investigators say they haven’t been able to identify this person’s close contacts that could have been exposed to COVID-19.

“The Department of Health director has the prerogative to press and insist on information if he feels that the health of the public is at risk,” said Lt. Gov. Josh Green.

Lt. Gov. Green said a higher percentage of people taking COVID-19 tests are testing positive. Because of this, he said they expect COVID hospitalizations to continue to rise.

“One of our hospitals now has surged over 60 individuals with COVID to give you an idea. We’re seeing that as a significant uptick,” said Lt. Gov. Josh Green.

On the Big Island, there were five new COVID-19 cases reported. Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim said one of the cases was related to a staff member at one of its schools.

“So today, our [tracers] are going to go to their school area and try to identify where this staff member might have visited or stayed at within the school, and we’re going to disinfect the area,” said Mayor Harry Kim.

With schools set to reopen in about a week, KHON asked Mayor Kim if this changes anything with Hawaii County’s plan for the first few weeks of school.

“This particular case does it concern…does it raise another red flag in regards to opening up schools in another week or so? The answer is no because it’s happening now. Everybody seemed to have followed the right process,” said Mayor Kim.

Lt. Gov. Green said it will still take about a week before people may start to see the COVID-19 numbers go down due to Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s new order.

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