Owner of Dallas Sports Bar Says Not Enough Was Done to Save Business Owners – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

After 29
years on McKinney Avenue, Christie’s Sports Bar & Grill is closing its
doors for good amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Owner Ashton
Christie said since March, he’s lost $650,000 in sales.

Though he received a PPP loan and one month’s rent assistance, Christie said it wasn’t enough to overcome three closures since March.

“When nothing’s coming in, it’s hard to pay the bills,” said Ashton Christie.

In the end, Christie
said he couldn’t come to an agreement with his landlord.

And when it
comes to rent, Christie believes government support fell short in helping
business owners stay afloat.

“We should’ve had an agreement during this time. We all should work together, landlords, tenants. We needed some assistance right away for that, for them and for us to be able to sustain,” said Christie.

Christie first
opened the bar in 1991 with his dad and brother.

He said it was originally a pool hall, but evolved to be the sports bar it is today.

Christie calls it the
neighborhood ‘Cheers.’

knew your name and had a very friendly atmosphere,” said Christie.

Over the last
three decades, he said they experienced their fair share of bumps in the road.
That includes climbing rent that sent many of his neighbors packing.

Christie said none compare to what he’s experienced the last five months.

Christie first closed in March due to a Dallas County’s ‘Safer at
Home’ order.

He then reopened only to be shut down a week later as protests led to a city-mandated curfew.

When he was able to reopen again, Christie said it wasn’t long
before cases spiked and the state shut down anyone whose sales were at least
51% alcohol.

“If it was in my control, we’d still
be around. But it takes a lot of people to make things right with one another
for everybody to succeed at the end of the day. If not, all of these buildings
will be empty. Then what?” said

Christie said he hopes to open again when given the chance either in Dallas or somewhere up north.

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