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Family Health Medical Services Westfield building is slowly coming together, with a grand opening expected early 2021.

WESTFIELD — Family Health Medical Services is constructing a new building in Westfield.

The office should be open by early 2021.

Dr. Robert Berke is the lead doctor associated with the new building. Along with over 15 other providers, Berke has patients in both his Mayville and Jamestown offices. Berke is also affiliated with many hospitals, including Westfield Memorial.

The team decided to build a new office in Westfield for several different reasons, including Dr. Berke’s long-time residency in the village and the amount of clients served in the area. “It kind of felt like a natural progression,” Amy Reinhardt said. “Dr. Berke has lived in the Westfield community for a very very long time and it just felt right.”

Prior to demolition and many years prior to Family Health Medical Services buying the property, the building held a car dealership. As of the end of July, the shell of the new building can be seen so far. The office is planned to hold its grand opening in early 2021. “We’re not sure about which providers will be available, besides Dr. Berke, at the new building yet,” Reinhardt said. “But it’s going to be so nice, it’ll be 5,670 square feet big.”

Family Health Medical Services has about 15,000 active patients throughout their practice. “We definitely have a big client base in Westfield,” Reinhardt said. “We have people coming from Erie, Penn. and Buffalo, including our local client base.”

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