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DENVER, Aug. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Female-founded sports platform, Uru Sports, launches an online campaign leveraging top athletes’ global experiences and stories to help others worldwide. Watch as pro basketball, football, soccer, field hockey, and other sports stars share how they began their careers, and what they wish they knew.

Operating under the motto: “No Borders. Just Sports.” Uru Sports has recognized how sports can transcend geographical borders and differences in ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender, and so much more.

“In athletics, we’re all on the same team,” said Uru Founder, Ainsley McCallister, “sports have the power to unite the world. You work together to achieve a common goal, regardless of differences. That’s something completely necessary in today’s society.”

To help educate other athletes and coaches, Uru Sports has been working with Olympians, Hall of Fame coaches, national team stars, governing organizations, and more to bring athlete stories to light. Their stories encompass global experiences, recruiting horrors, motivators, etc. to inform the next generation on the realities of sport, and how to educate themselves to make the best decisions for their future (re: recruiting, travel, etc.).

Pro-basketballer and founder of The Jordan Morgan Foundation, Jordan Morgan, mentioned: “Athletes want to make a difference, especially during this time. Uru is really providing a platform for athletes to get the chance to give back and share their story and advice to a larger audience.”

The athlete stories can be found on Uru Sports’s social media, ‘The Global Game‘ podcast, and promoted throughout their new app launching later this year.

For McCallister: “We’re driven to help athletes amplify their dreams and give them the knowledge/connections to make them a reality. There are so many opportunities through sports that athletes have no clue about, let alone how to make them happen. Through our community and app, I am thrilled to offer resources and new opportunities to members around the world. I’m extremely thankful for our amazing community of pro-athletes who have stood behind us and share this mission.” 

If you would like to learn more, pre-register, or share Uru Sports’s mission, visit: www.urusports.com

About Uru Sports
Founded by All-American and former pro-athlete Ainsley McCallister, Uru Sports is an online community for athletes, coaches, and teams to connect and recruit worldwide. Members can learn what their sport is like globally, connect with past and current teammates, and even apply to new playing positions. Uru Sports levels the playing field, providing transparency into the sports recruiting world, and empowering all members to educate themselves on the realities of sports at all levels of play. 

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