Wilmington firefighters test new helmets with high-tech features

The Wilmington Fire Department is testing out new helmets. (Photo: WPD)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Fire Department is testing out new helmets, only four firefighters are giving the new equipment a try right now, but the deputy fire chief says it could be something they phase in over time.

The helmets look much different than the traditional design with many bells and whistles that make them unique including LED lights.

There is also a communication system add-on which makes the helmet nearly five times more expensive than the helmets used now, costing about $1,100 for one.

However, the chief says the new helmet can make communicating with other firefighters on scene much easier.

“Speakers inside the helmet and a large lapel mic and boom mic that allow easy access in the dark just by feeling and you find that transmitter and you can push it and hear very clearly through the speakers in your helmet,” WFD Deputy Chief Steven Mason said. “That greatly improves communications right there.”

Deputy Chief Mason says this is not a change that will take effect any time soon and would be something further down the line.

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