Roman Kemp says Celebrity Gogglebox fans can get ‘creepy’

Celebrity Gogglebox was a great opportunity to see what celebrities are like when they are hanging out at home.

And much to the delight of some viewers, Roman Kemp tends to wear shorts while watching TV, resulting in some very thirsty tweets getting sent to the I’m A Celebrity finalist.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Roman said: “I saw one the other day saying ‘can Roman Kemp’s inner thighs win Bafta?’.

martin and roman kemp   celebrity gogglebox

Channel 4

“I don’t actually own a pair of legs because they are so frail, so I was really shocked. Definitely the creepier side of people came out during Gogglebox, maybe because it’s a Friday night and people are just a bit looser and have been drinking.”

He added: “One thing, me and my dad, before we would shoot the show, we would both say ‘do you have a new pair of socks on?’.

“You do get caught out sometimes if you’ve got dirty socks.

“I actually think that’s the biggest insecurity of anyone on the show, if you’ve got dirty socks because that’s the thing that’s closest to the camera.”

roman kemp and martin kemp on celebrity gogglebox

Channel 4

Admitting the show has caused his fanbase to shift slightly, the Capital presenter added: “I think in terms of audience, it definitely brought out a couple of creeps.

“But there were certain shots in that when there was a lot on show, put it that way. I don’t actually go into my request messages on Instagram, mainly because it’s full of One Direction fans asking me to send them a voice note doing an impression of Harry Styles.

“But yeah, those thirsty tweets were an eye-opener, but then again, give the people what they want, if they want me to wear short shorts, I’m all for it.

“The shorts make me feel like I’m not on the telly, I would never sit down and watch TV and wear jeans. If I’m at home, I’m in shorts.”

martin and roman kemp on celebrity gogglebox

Channel 4

Roman is currently working with Nandos to celebrate the launch of their delivery service.

“Throughout lockdown, everyone started missing their favourite meal and the one for me was Nandos and it was just perfect,” he said of his work on the campaign.

“Like it says in the advert, if you get reminded of a chicken wrap, or sunset burger, or a half chicken, or peri chips, or whatever, you can’t get it out of your head for the rest of the day. It’s a meal that a lot of people I know, myself included, crave.”

Roman star added: “My usual order is a double chicken wrap, hot, peri chips, macho peas and a side of halloumi, the halloumi hits different. The Nandos game is very strong!

“The low key banger, hummus with peri drizzle, vastly overlooked!”

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