Albemarle streamlines permit process for outdoor seating, temporary signage | Business Local

Albemarle County is cutting some of its own red tape to create a quicker approval process for businesses needing temporary signs and outdoor seating in efforts to recover from COVID-19-created hardships.

Restaurants and other businesses hoping to create or expand outdoor seating for customers can now apply for temporary outdoor seating permits.

Staff will quickly review the applications, which must comply with the business property’s site plan, Americans with Disabilities Act requirements and public health and safety standards, officials said.

Approved temporary seating will be valid through the declared COVID-19 emergency.

Officials said the program is similar to one launched in May for outdoor seating and beverage service. Businesses with a Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Authority license may still apply for the combined permit.

Businesses needing temporary signs to provide hours of operation and other information can apply for a temporary sign permit with the county.

Under this program, approved temporary signs will be extended from 15 days to through Sept. 15. Signs must comply with type, size and location requirements of the county’s zoning ordinance.

Applications for seating, service and signs can be filled out at Search by “outdoor seating” or “signage” to access the forms.

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