Shelburne Day goes retro to fit state health guidelines

SHELBURNE, Vt. (WCAX) – Local businesses and organizations joined vendors at the Shelburne Town Green. It’s the annual Shelburne Day, and like many traditions in 2020, it had to adjust to the pandemic.

Rosalyn Graham, president of the Shelburne Business and Professional Association, says it was crucial to hold this year’s Shelburne Day to open up the local community.

“This event is something we’ve done for considerably more than twenty years,” she said. “If we ever needed an event that was engaging the community, welcoming them, we gotta do Shelburne Day.”

The Shelburne Country Store assisted with organizing the event. Co-owner Steve Mayfield says they couldn’t host a farmer’s market like the last few years, so they went retro, to keep visitors socially distanced.

“Because there couldn’t be a farmer’s market this year, we decided to do a throwback to what Shelburne used to be,” he said. “Years ago, all the businesses would come out and do a tent sale and kind of just make a festival of the entire town.”

Event goers like Rikki Earzensky say it’s so much like year’s past, she would have forgotten about the pandemic, if not for the mask requirement.

“When you’re walking for a little bit, the masks are sometimes bothersome,” she said. “But you forget it when you’re looking at treasures and meeting people in your neighborhood.”

Beyond promoting local businesses, this event also gives local organizations like schools and clubs a chance to provide information to the community.

“But it’s primarily a chance to talk to people and then for people to talk to other people,” Graham said.

A total of 20 shops and nine organizations participated in Shelburne Day 2020.

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