U.S. economy shackled by refusal to accept science | Letters

How did Trump respond to covid? When there were just a few cases in the U.S., on Jan. 31 he put in place a travel ban from China. A good move, yet the ban allowed U.S. citizens and permanent residents to return, totaling 40,000 in the first two months. Again, not so bad, but the catastrophic failure was that these individuals were not rigorously quarantined, unlike in other countries where returnees were put up in hotels and monitored, in some cases by the military, for two weeks to ensure they could no longer spread the infection.

Then, the ban on travel from Europe was very late, and messaging and action to not take the virus seriously continues to the present day. Thus, we never got the infection rate low enough such that we could track and isolate infected individuals.

Now, as other modern countries are opening up, we, being unique in flaunting expert scientific advice on how to fight the spread, are thus having to deal with our economy being shackled by the pandemic. These are facts.

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