KCMO Health Department video details pervasiveness of COVID-19

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department has created a visual representation of how COVID-19 spreads in hopes of making the public more aware of the pervasiveness of the virus.

A video shared on social media Sunday night depicts how one person experiencing COVID-19 symptoms resulted in the deaths of three people.

“Once COVID-19 enters your circle, it can spread quickly among family, friends, neighbors and coworkers,” the video stated. “Some will never show symptoms. But some will never recover.”

The first scenario featured begins with a Kansas City, Missouri, man showing symptoms. The man’s wife notices symptoms two days later. Three days after that, the wife is transported to the hospital.

Five additional people in the health care sector have contact with the woman. Those individuals begin to notice symptoms within three to six days. Exposure from that group results in another person developing symptoms 20 days later.

The video ended with the following message: “The virus is everywhere. Live like it. So others don’t die from it.”

As of Sunday night, the Kansas City metro had recorded more than 27,000 coronavirus cases and more than 400 deaths, according to data compiled by 41 Action News.

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