Check Out the Celebrity Couples You Keep Forgetting About—and a Few Who Might Be News to You – E! Online

Ah, celebrity couples. There are so many categories when it comes to love among the famous.

Young, new, short-term, long-term, rebound, dreamy, dramatic and—one that seems to come up a lot—former. 

Relationships in various levels of peril, from Twitter feuds to messy or shocking divorces, tend to suck up most of the headline oxygen, with leftover space going to people dating, getting married or having children. And while most couples comprised of actors, directors, artists and basically any kind of “personality” will garner at least one of these at some point—because not a lot sneaks through the cracks these days—some are just so undramatically ensconced with one another that it doesn’t occur to the wider world to peek behind the curtain.

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