USPS delays impacting Wisconsin small businesses

MADISON (WKOW) – When the pandemic first began, Fair Indigo, a sustainable online clothing store based in Madison, was bringing in more business than they were used to.

“We actually saw an uptick in our business actually because, those that are buying things, are doing so online,” Robert Behnke, Co-founder and President, said.

He says their business is 100 percent online, and because of that, a vast majority of their shipments go through USPS.

Because of changes at USPS, like a reduction of overtime for all workers, shipments to their customers that normally would take 4 days max, have skyrocketed.

“Now it’s been extending in the one to two week time frame and in some cases even longer, to two weeks or more,” Behnke said.

He says they’ve put a warning on their website and for now customers have been very understanding, but he doesn’t know how long that’s going to last.

“What we can’t really measure and see is how many people are reading that and going, nah, I’m going to get it somewhere else, I’m not going to wait that long,” Behnke said. “Where we get a little more nervous is going into the fourth quarter when the holiday business really picks up.”

He says delivery services are already dealing with holiday level workloads, before the holiday level sales start.

All they can do is wait and see how it affects them.

For now he wants to thank the postal workers who he says are doing the best they can with the resources they have available.

“A little patience and understanding goes a long long way, in making everyone feel better about how to get through this,” he said.

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