TikTok creator Ruby Perman makes mini celebrity outfits out of food

  • Ruby Perman is a graphic designer who designs tiny outfits made out of food.
  • She styles cutouts of celebrities like Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and Jennifer Lopez in “gowns” made of fruit, sprinkles, and other edible materials.
  • Perman dazzles TikTok and Instagram fans with her designs, which often involve cutting avocados in ornate slices or bringing new life to fruit and vegetable scraps and peels.  
  • “I love watching celebrities on the red carpet and what they are wearing, so I try to recreate the over-the-top attire,” Perman told Insider.
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Ruby Perman is a graphic designer who combines her knack for food styling and eye for fashion in a unique way.

Perman uses everything from mangoes and avocados to chips and candy to create miniature outfits that she designs on cutouts of pop culture icons — and fans on TikTok and Instagram are dazzled by her creations.

In her videos, Perman shows how she transforms items from her kitchen into “fabric” for her clothes.

Below, she dressed a paper doll of Cardi B using intricately layered cherries.

Perman makes use of all of her food scraps. For example, she made a festive look on a cutout of Elton John using leftover pulp from celery juice and leaves from a celery stalk.

She even re-created Jennifer Lopez’s iconic green Versace dress using fresh rosemary.

“I love watching celebrities on the red carpet and what they are wearing, so I try to re-create the over-the-top attire,” Perman told Insider, adding that she’s also getting lots of requests from her viewers for new celebrities to style and food items to use. 

Perman says she sometimes picks the food based on a celebrity’s favorite meal. For example, she once made a shirt out of guacamole and pants out of black beans for a cutout of David Dobrik, who has made his love for Chipotle clear.  

From start to finish, it can take Perman an hour to two to style the ornate outfits and film the process.

One of her favorite creations so far involved slicing avocado “roses” to use for a tiny gown on cutouts of TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio.

“I hope I inspire creativity to come out for people and whatever their passion is,” she said. “This all came about as a hobby, and now it’s turned into something that I really enjoy, and I’m so happy that people resonate with it.”

Viewers are often curious about what happens to the food after Perman styles it on her celebrity figurines. She told Insider that fans have no reason to worry — she eats her edible fashion creations once they’re completed.

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