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A total of 1,071 new coronavirus cases have been recorded across Italy as of Saturday, the highest figure since May 12, according to new government data.   

Figures released by the Italian authorities on Saturday confirm that there are currently 17,503 active coronavirus cases in Italy – up by 825 since Friday – while the total number of cases, including deaths and recoveries, now stands at 258,136.  

Meanwhile, a further three deaths have been recorded over the last 24 hours, while 64 coronavirus patients currently remain in intensive care. 

According to local health officials, the surge in cases in some regions has been linked to people returning to Italy from overseas.  

In Italy’s Lazio region, an additional 215 cases have been registered – of these, the regional Health Department says 61% have been linked to people returning from vacation, including a number of travelers returning from Sardinia.  

“Hospitals and intensive care units are under control,” regional health assessor Alessio D’Amato said Saturday in a statement, appealing to young people to not assume they are “invincible” to the virus.  

“The virus is subtle and can create serious problems to you and your loved ones,” D’Amato added.  

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