Mandate is about science, not liberty — John Danielson | Letters to the Editor

The author of last Sunday’s letter to the editor “Exempt churches from mask mandate” asked that Gov. Tony Evers “affirm religious liberty in Wisconsin, and exclude religious organizations from the face mask mandate.”

The mandate is not about our liberties. It’s about what the science says we have to do to save lives and get COVID-19 under control so we can more quickly get to some degree of normalcy and enjoy all of our rights and freedoms.

It’s a shame that our country hasn’t gotten its act together to fight this insidious virus. Now we have two big hurdles ahead of us: schools reopening and the coming flu season. How grim this all turns out depends to a large extent on our behavior.

If everyone was on board with wearing masks when not physically distancing, we might be able to get much of our normal lives back before a vaccine is available. The vaccine will need to be proven effective and safe so most people will be willing to get it.

It’s tragic that we don’t have a nationwide mask mandate. The governor’s statewide mandate, as it stands, is the next best thing to help us get through this fall and winter with a minimum of casualties.

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