Trump Appears at RNC With Hostages He Helped Bring Home to US – NBC New York

President Donald Trump appeared Monday during the Republican National Convention with six people who his administration helped free after they had been taken into custody in countries around the world and held, sometimes for years.

In a short video, Trump said they were among more than 50 people who have been freed from 22 countries during his administration, NBC News reports.

“We’re very proud of the job we did,” Trump told the group, noting that national security adviser Robert O’Brien had been involved in the negotiations.

Sam Goodwin spent two months in custody in Syria after visiting that country without a visa. Lebanese officials helped negotiate his release last year.

“I think I speak for my former fellow hostages and detainees here when I say I am just as grateful as I have ever been for anything to be home safely,” Goodwin said to Trump at the White House.

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