In Senate, Bullock will again make science priority | Letters

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has created a unique opportunity to return America to her proper place as the world leader in research and innovation in health care. To get there, we must have policymakers who believe in the immediate and long-term benefits of such investments. In my past job as CEO of a large engineering firm, I invested heavily to ensure innovation continued.

For too long, we’ve underfunded the National Institutes of Health and other research establishments. We have outsourced some of our brightest minds to other countries where more funding is available to support their work.

Why not make research and innovation a top priority for the United States? Investments can yield advancements in health care to save lives with cures and vaccines. Research and innovation can bolster our economy. Recent data shows the bioscience industry supports over eight million jobs through public and private partnerships.

Following science is the only way we will get through this pandemic. We need leaders who understand the value of science and innovation, especially in times like this.

When Gov. Steve Bullock is elected to serve in the United State Senate, I know we can count on him to make this a priority.

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