Livestream: The Racial Divide: Criminal Justice Reform in America | U.S. News Live

U.S. News & World Report is proud to introduce a new live event series that takes a deep, unfiltered look at race relations in America. The Racial Divide will examine inequality and how people of color are affected in such areas as health care, education, the criminal justice system and the workplace. This series will feature discussions with some of the leading voices who are championing diversity and spotlighting ways to make actionable change in a divided country.

The killing of George Floyd in police custody triggered a nationwide rallying cry to dismantle long-standing policies and laws that reflect bias. University of Southern California law professor Jody Armour speaks with U.S. News Senior Editor Joseph Williams on the ways that America can eradicate the deep racial disparities in the criminal justice system through bold actions within government, police departments and prisons around the country.

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