Here Are Your Favourite Celebrities’ First-ever Instagram Posts

Rounded edges, awkward crops and Sepia. Oh, the Sepia. We’ve been reminiscing on the good ol’ days of Instagram where grids were flooded with wholesome content and there was not an #ad in sight. Ten years on and Instagram has changed – albeit not necessarily for the better – and your favourite celebrities have evolved too. They’ve swapped traffic-jam ‘grams for hair gummy sponsorships and album promos for cultural appropriation (in the very specific case of Adele). Get ready for the ultimate #throwback as we take you on a (virtual) trip down memory lane.

Kim Kardashian West
Followers: 189 million

Then: Kim K made her debut with – what else – a selfie.

Now: Two weddings and four children later, Kim is the 7th most-followed account on Instagram.

Ariana Grande
Followers: 203 million

Then: Showing some love for her grandpa in 2011, the same year her first music video is released.

Now: The Grammy Award-winning star has glowed all the way up and is flaunting her now-signature long ‘do.

Justin Bieber
Followers: 148 million

Then: Stuck in traffic (stars – they’re just like us).

Now: Still stuck in traffic.

Kendall Jenner
Followers: 139 million

Then: 15-year-old Kendall was excited about a trip to Disneyland, as evidenced by the solid frame.

Now: The highest-paid supermodel in the world takes a drive with her (rather camouflaged) four-legged friend.

Kylie Jenner
Followers: 196 million

Then: Realising things by the fire.

Now: A certified Insta baddie, Kylie now charges approximately $1 million per post.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas
Followers: 57.6 million

Then: Priyanka is “happy to be here.”

Now: Still happy, still zoomed in.

Followers: 39 million

Then: Promoting 25, the album that would go on to win nine awards.

Now: Paying tribute (?) to Notting Hill Carnival with an outfit that led to accusations of cultural appropriation.

Chrissy Teigen
Followers: 31.1 million

Then: In love with John Legend.

Now: The soon-to-be mother of three is, evidently, still in love with her husband. (Some would say that’s rather rare for Hollywood).

Followers: 154 million

Then: Showing her support for presidential candidate Barack Obama in what looks to be 3D cinema glasses with the frames popped out.

Now: Queen Bey has significantly upgraded her glasses game.

Jennifer Lopez
Followers: 132 million

Then: Making sure you’ll never miss a post.

Now: The ageless superstar shows us that she’s living her best life.

Helen Mirren
Followers: 906K

Then: Sharing the ultimate mum selfie.

Now: An eco-warrior urging us to clean up our planet. When The Queen speaks, we listen.

Lady Gaga
Followers: 44.2 million

Then: Promoting ARTPOP, her third album.

Now: Enjoying a flight home on her private jet (that’s what eleven Grammy wins and an Oscar will get you).

Reese Witherspoon
Followers: 24.3 million

Then: Sharing a sweet Mother’s Day tribute, complete with watermark and photo credits.

Now: Selecting the next read for her hugely popular book club with some help from her not-so-furry friend.

Followers: 19.3 million

Then: The legendary talk show host kicks back with famous friends.

Now: Oprah’s swapped humans for puppies (we don’t blame her).

Mariah Carey
Followers: 9.5 million

Then: Celebrating Christmas ’11.

Now: She’s graduated from recording award-winning albums and is now recording her e-book.

Followers: 79.5 million

Then: The 14-year-old Disney actress poses with a friend.

Now: Zendaya just became the youngest-ever Emmy winner for Best Lead Actress in a Drama.

Serena Williams
Followers: 12.6 million

Then: Wonderwoman.

Now: Wonderwoman in an ice bath.

Photos: Instagram

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