Winnebago Buy Local encourages people to share and like business pages before the holiday season

ROCKFORD (WREX) —The holiday season is quickly approaching in the Stateline, and business owners are preparing.

Because the holiday season is unpredictable during the pandemic, business owners are asking people to help out via social media.

“Social media is very present right now. More people are spending time on their phone that ever before,” said Winnebago Buy Local President Lauren Davis.

Winnebago Buy Local says community members can help businesses by sharing and liking posts from businesses, along with posting about them.

“It’s completely free by liking and sharing a post and getting the word out,” said Davis.

She says sharing a picture of your latest purchase or spreading positive word of mouth about a business could help lead to others doing the same.

Winnebago Buy Local says 89%of consumers agree that independent businesses positively contribute to local economies.

And because many shops and restaurants are unique to our area, Davis says supporting them is that much more important.

“It’s not just about keeping local businesses alive, it’s about keeping what we believe is beautiful about alive,” said Davis.

Davis says people should still buy gift cards and take part in carryout or curbside business.

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