Manager Of West Sacramento Tech Store Tackles Would-Be Thief Who Tried To Take Three Laptops – CBS Sacramento

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Springing into action, the manger of a West Sacramento electronics store tackled a would-be thief as they tried to make off with thousands of dollars worth of equipment last week.

The store, Sacramento Tech Exchange, has been targeted twice in the last week.

A Ring camera inside the store captured the moment a would-be thief tried to swipe three laptops while manager Lindsay Antill was with a customer.

“I couldn’t believe the audacity that somebody would come in and do something like that. It’s insane!” Antill said. “I just saw red and that was it.”

But the cameras aren’t able to capture what happened outside when Antill chased after him. She walked CBS13 what happened as soon as she chased the suspect out of the store.

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“Being British, we’re very good at rugby,” Antill said.

She got a few feet outside of the store when she tackled the man. The manager of the tech store said they wrestled on the asphalt of the parking lot for a period of time and was able to knock the laptops out of his hands.

The computers did sustain some damage, but Antill says the store plans to fix them to be able to sell them. Antill said she held down the suspect as long as she could but he was able to break free and ran away.

The customer inside of the store when the situation happened couldn’t believe what was unfolding before him.

“It was like, this is actually happening! And she had him! The fact of the matter was that he let go of the computers and was able to get away,” Brendan Davis said.

This isn’t the only time the shop was hit last week. Their camera was rolling early last Monday morning.

“We had two people cut through our chains, jimmy open our door, kick through our security door and came rushing into the shop,” Antill said.

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She told CBS13 thousands of dollars of professional music equipment were stolen in that incident, and that’s leading to a rush of nervous tension.

So, they’re upping their security with more inside and new outside surveillance cameras. They also changed the whole layout of the store to ensure the security of its products. All in hopes of making sure this tech shop tackle doesn’t have to happen again.

“We have families to feed too. We understand how difficult it is right now for everybody. But stealing isn’t the answer,” Antill said.

Antill says she has told her coworkers that what she did is something that they should never do if someone tries to steal any equipment. The West Sacramento Police Department told CBS13 that these two incidents are being investigated by detectives.

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