Celebrity chef joins team at The Black Hen in Blacksburg

BLACKSBURG, VA. – The celebrity chef with a special place in her heart for Virginia’s Blue Ridge is taking on a new role.

Chef Torrence “T” Gregoire of “Hell’s Kitchen” fame is the new chef at a staple restaurant in Blacksburg. The Black Hen and Bar Blue is known for fine food and decadent flavors, and now there’s a new face in the kitchen.

“I am actually not new to the area, I’m just new to this restaurant so for me this is like coming home, a lot of people know me in this area, they know me for putting out innovative food,” Gregoire said. “What you’re going to see here is a better take on modern gastronomy, we are going to put food together in a way that you would not even think about but it’s not so obscure.”

Chef T is fresh out of an adventure in Virginia’s Coal Country. In the small town of St. Paul in Wise County, she opened her own place before closing due to COVID-19.

Black Hen owner Jon Coburn who also owns Bull N’ Bones, had to have her.

“We are artists, and if we continue to mute our food eventually the craft will die. And to be able to do it in a place like Blacksburg, Virginia, in a college town, I mean it’s unbelievable,” Gregoire said.

Chef T said don’t let fine dining scare you away, she’s drawing up lots of flavor surprises that fit the heart of Appalachia.

She’s also thankful for every opportunity along the way that’s led her to this place.

“People that you meet, opportunities that come your way, it’s for a reason and I’ve always been given opportunities to better myself, excel myself, build a team, and just connect with some amazing people,” Gregoire said.

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