Maine is one of the top destination searches in the world right now, according to Airbnb

“I do really look forward to hosting people from all over the world apparently next summer,” said Sara Sokol, who is getting ready to become a host in Georgetown.

PORTLAND, Maine — Ask any Maine Airbnb host and they’ll tell you, it’s no surprise people across the world are researching a trip to Maine in 2021 through Airbnb.

“I live in Bath and so I wanted to stay somewhat close to be able to do walk-throughs on turn around days,” said Sara Sokol.

Sokol is new to hosting. She just purchased waterfront property in Georgetown with the intention to list it as an Airbnb soon – knowing there was a strong income potential.

“I’m really excited about giving people a nice vacation.”

But this year could be a challenge for some hosts in Portland.

“It’s really important to recognize how much of an economic driver our guests bring to the community,” said Curtis Rindlaub, an Airbnb host in Portland.

“I can tell you just by how much I clean up these people are spending a lot of money in town.”

He lives in a 4 bedroom historic home on Woodford street and usually rents it when he’s out of town to pay for a major renovation.

“Seemed like a fun project.”

He is one of many Portland voters who will answer Question E on the local ballot – which would limit short-term rentals to owner-occupied residences. So in that aspect, he’s OK.

But it would also increase penalties for violations, and up his annual fee from  $100 to $1,000. 

For now, due to the pandemic, his rentals are on hold.

Just as Sara Sokol is getting ready to rev things up.

“I do really look forward to hosting people from all over the world apparently next summer,” she said.

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