Celebrity Dentist, Dr. Shah-Khan, Offers To “Fix” Donald Trump’s Teeth Before Final Debate!

“From a quick scan, I recommend periodontal scaling and root planing to eradicate any subgingival plaque, calculus, and to bring down his receding gumline. Since he had extensive dental work completed, I would replace older crowns and veneers with new ones to improve function and overall esthetics. In my practice, it is vital for my patients to have a cohesive smile meaning their teeth all have proper form, function, and match beautifully.” he said.

Interestingly, the President’s teeth seem to change on a regular basis, in some cases gleaming white, and in other cases not so much.

Back in 2017, Trump made huge headlines after a speech regarding issues in Isreal where it appeared he was trying to keep his teeth in his mouth. “It seems like he is trying to talk around his teeth while they slip from his gums, causing him to slur his words to a nearly unintelligible degree,” one report read.

Maybe It’s Time For An Upgrade!

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