What Celebrities Are Wearing To Vote During The 2020 Election

Election Day arrives in just over one week — and now that early voting days are in effect, everyone’s focus is on one task: to get their ballots in and make them count. While over the past month mail-in ballots have been steadily streaming in, the stretch between now and Nov. 3 is the crucial final lap. Like their fellow American citizens, Hollywood’s biggest names are getting involved, dropping off their ballots, waiting in line for hours, and also sharing those moments on Instagram, posting selfies and giving us a glimpse of what said celebrities are wearing to vote.

Voting doesn’t come off as the most glamorous occasion — especially when you’re filling out the paperwork in the comfort of your home. However, if anyone can make their civic duty a fashionable one, it’s stars like Jennifer Aniston, Zendaya, Selena Gomez, and Blake Lively. From low-key ensembles featuring coordinated sweats to simple outfits that let the “I Voted” sticker do all the talking, there are plenty of ways to celebrate in style when you submit your ballot.

Whether they chose to vote via mail-in ballot, early voting, or in-person on the official Tuesday, stars on both coasts are joining the widespread call-to-action to vote — and their looks while not quite as the message they’re spreading, are still worth a little appreciation. Scroll down to see what stars are getting dressed to submit their votes for the 2020 election — you might even get some inspiration for when you’re casting your vote along the way.

What Celebrities Are Wearing To Vote: Jennifer Aniston

Aniston wore a cozy ensemble featuring a sweatshirt with matching sweatpants, a scarf, and a face mask to drop her ballot into the mail.

What Celebrities Are Wearing To Vote: Zendaya

The Euphoria star also mailed her ballot in, but instead of sweats, she opted for jeans and a neutral-hued sweater, and casual sneakers.

What Celebrities Are Wearing To Vote: Selena Gomez

As she filled out her ballot, Gomez kept things simple, adorning her black tank top with the iconic “I Voted” sticker and accessorizing with large hoop earrings.

What Celebrities Are Wearing To Vote: Blake Lively

With the news of her husband Ryan Reynolds voting for the first time, Lively posted a photo of her voting outfit, which included a brown turtleneck, pink wide-leg jeans, a check-print blazer, and (maybe?) brown strappy heels.

What Celebrities Are Wearing To Vote: Gigi Hadid

Hadid wore a piece of vote merch from Prabal Gurung to share that she submitted her vote early with her new daughter by her side. The model and new mother styled the colorful tee with yellow pants.

What Celebrities Are Wearing To Vote: Zoë Kravitz

Earlier this season, Zoe Kravitz wore a simple white hoodie and a black knit beanie to share a selfie of her with her ballot.

What Celebrities Are Wearing To Vote: Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington decided to embrace the patriotic theme by wearing a navy blue T-shirt along with a red and white polka dot bandana tied around her neck.

What Celebrities Are Wearing To Vote: Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo opted for a cozier ensemble, wearing a bulky cable knit sweater to fill out her ballot at home.

What Celebrities Are Wearing To Vote: Lily Collins

The Emily in Paris star, along with her fiancée, mailed her ballot in wearing an easy cotton jersey dress.

What Celebrities Are Wearing To Vote: Tracee Ellis Ross

Ross spent her time voting in a casual outfit featuring a heather white tissue tee along with a long chain necklace.

What Celebrities Are Wearing To Vote: Laura Dern

Dern posted a photo of herself wearing a Lingua Franca sweater and her “I Voted” sticker right after she cast her vote.

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