How are Jewish celebrities celebrating Halloween?

Jewish actor and comedian Joseph Gordon-Levitt invited his followers on social media to send pictures of themselves in Holloween costumes to an online project of his.Titled the Halloween 2020 Project, Gordon-Levitt has users submit Halloween-themed photos of themselves to HitRecord, the online collaborative media platform Gordon-Levitt created in 2004.

“Halloween is my favorite day of the year, and however you’re celebrating this year, I wanna see all your costumes, artwork and video footage (basically anything related to Halloween),” he wrote on the project’s webpage.Users can submit photos of themselves in costume or simply one that is Halloween-themed. In addition, they can also submit their own artwork as well as video clips.At the time of writing, over 200 photos have been submitted.Other Jewish celebrities took to social media in honor of Halloween, a holiday when people traditionally dress up in costumes, usually with an emphasis on the macabre.Actor Daniel Radcliff, most famous for playing the titular character in the Harry Potter films, took to Instagram in a zombie-esque costume.

Adam Sandler, meanwhile, shared on his Instagram story a short clip relating to the film Hubie Halloween, which he starred in and which was released on Netflix at the beginning of October.

Actress Natalie Portman, meanwhile, didn’t dress up this year, likely due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic limiting many Halloween activities. However, she did post a picture of herself dressed up as a child.

Some were not limited to simply horror-themed costumes. Actress Alison Brie took to Instagram to show off her costume as her character Ruth “Zoya the Destroya” Wilder from the hit Netflix series GLOW.

Other Jewish celebrities also made reference to the holiday over social media.

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