Kim Komando: Ways you’re wasting money on tech purchases | Business News

Whether it’s a TV, laptop, phone, drone, desktop, wearable, or fill-in-the-tech-blank, there will always be something newer, better, smaller, larger, more powerful, and faster for you to buy. Give your credit card a break. It’s costly to upgrade all the time, plus it takes time and effort to switch from the old to the new.

Wondering what tech is really, truly worth the money? From smart speakers to streaming devices, we nailed down the essentials.

Buying used tech from who knows who

When cash is tight and you need a car, it’s wise to consider a used car with a good warranty. The same goes for previously owned consumer tech. Like a used car, though, you need to shop carefully to make sure you’re not getting a lemon that doesn’t work correctly.

Used tech goes by several names, including refurbished, renewed, off-lease, and remanufactured. Typically, the manufacturer or the site will offer a return policy or a special warranty. You need these assurances with any used tech.

Second-hand devices sold by individuals on sites like eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace may be cheaper for a good reason. You’re relying on the seller’s opinion of the device’s condition.

Unless you set up certain conditions beforehand when buying, such as using an escrow service, you’re not going to get any guarantee that the device works as advertised. You might end up with a PC as a huge paperweight.

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