Kansas High School Sports Will Start on Time, But Without Fans

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Published Date: 11-24-2020

The KSHSAA Board of Directors (BOD) met in a virtual format with all 78 members in attendance on Tuesday, November 24 to discuss several items pertaining to the winter activity season.

The BOD voted in favor to begin the winter activity competition season December 1 and continue through December 22 before taking a winter moratorium for practice and competition (no practice and no competition) beginning December 23.

The winter moratorium usually runs from December 23-27. However, the board took action to extend the moratorium on practice and competition through January 3. Practice may begin on January 4 and competition may resume on January 8. This action was taken for high schools and middle schools.

The BOD also took action resulting in the requirement for all participants (including but not limited to athletes, coaches, officials, spectators, support staff and all others attending/participating in school activities) to wear a face covering in the manner it is intended to be worn while at the event venue and for the duration of the event. The only exception is provided for athletes during the time they are competing and for officials during active play.

Other items resulting from the KSHSAA Board of Directors Meeting:

· Basketball may have a maximum of 20 games, exclusive of the postseason.

· Swimming and Diving may have a maximum of 10 competitions, exclusive of the state meet.

· Boys and Girls Wrestling may have a maximum of 18 events and no more than 30 competitions points, exclusive of the postseason.

· Bowling may have a maximum of 10 competitions, exclusive of the postseason.

By KSHSAA Board of Directors adoption, no spectators will be permitted for high school and middle school contests from December 1 through January 28, 2021.

(Press Release from KSHSAA.)

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