5 Funniest Moments From Celebrity Game Face’s Holiday Special – E! Online

Joel vs. Kevin Round Two

As Celebrity Game Face fans are surely aware, Joel is no stranger to the show. The last time he and his wife Sarah competed, the former host of The Soup made sure to crack more than a few jokes at Kevin’s expense, resulting in a hilarious feud between the two. 

The rivalry is still going strong, and while Joel yet again delivered a number of hilarious quips, his funniest came when Kevin asked the teams about their most memorable holidays. 

“It was 2013 and Sarah and I decided to go to a movie,” Joel began. “And of course, we saw Grudge Match again.”

He continued, “And I just thought, ‘This is why people get so depressed during the holidays.’ And I walked out and I was like, ‘Now I can go see my family.'” 

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