COVID-19 global learning collaborative – science and the response to the COVID-19 ‘infodemic’

Project ECHO® COVID-19 Global Series

When scientific information moves quickly and continues to evolve, how are we co-responsible for amplifying the appropriate message? We all have a role in ensuring high-quality research is distributed to public health professionals and the general public.
Scientists have contributed to and helped mitigate the risks of our current ‘infodemic’.

This session addresses:

  • How research and scientific information is completed and curated for dissemination
  • The impact of the ‘infodemic’ on our society and how we can support amplification of appropriate messages
  • Strategies for presenting evolving information to public health professionals, policy makers and the general public

Time: 0800 – 0930 MT, 1500 – 1630 UTC

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Flyer in PDF:

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