Sports World Reacts To Stephen A. Smith’s ESPN Salary Comment

Stephen A. Smith makes a lot of money for his role at ESPN. That’s an irritating fact for some sports fans.

ESPN has made another round of layoffs, which is obviously another unfortunate development in what’s been a tough year for even the major networks like ESPN. In the midst of such layoffs, Smith is one of the few to keep his job, despite making a massive salary.

One sports fan called Smith out on Monday for the salary he makes, sparking a blunt response from the ESPN employee.

“You might be able to get over it if you’d done your damn homework. I generate revenue clown. I bring money to help KEEP JOBS, not lose them. Know who the F&^%$ you’re talking about before opening your mouth. If you didn’t know you should’ve asked somebody,” Smith responded on Twitter.

Smith’s never been afraid to speak his mind, no matter the subject. He clearly feels passionate about his role at ESPN, which clearly brings in a good amount of revenue for ESPN.

Stephen A. Smith has plenty of fans, so it should come as no surprise they’re coming to his defense. Smith is one of the only good things about ESPN these days.

People may want to stop calling out Stephen A. Smith from now on. The ESPN employee doesn’t take these kind of comments very lightly.

ESPN’s layoffs this year is an unfortunate development for the Worldwide Leader. But the one thing the network can’t afford is to lose one of its biggest personalities in Smith.

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