Colder temperatures bring new challenges to local business and restaurants

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — As temperatures continue to drop and we move closer to winter, restaurant-goers also want to move…inside. Throughout the country, restaurants, including the Watershed Pub in Camp Hill, are facing new challenges to keep their doors open.

The Watershed has been able to do a significant amount of their business outdoors, but as temperatures drop, customers will be more likely to choose indoor dining. New steps must now be taken in an effort to offer safe indoor dining experiences amid the pandemic.

Tuesday morning, abc27 had the opportunity to see what owner Josh Kesler is doing to ensure the safety and satisfaction of his customers at the Watershed Pub.

“It’s really important to cover all of our basis. When you come in the front door we’re going to scan your temperature, and you’re going to go to a distanced dining environment,” Kesler said. “One of the most important and special features we have here at the Watershed Pub is a UV filtration system and HVAC that filters virus bacteria out of the air.”

The Watershed is asking guests to scan their hand on entrance at a stationary temperature monitor.

“Its a very non-obtrusive way to make sure nobody has a fever coming in,” Kesler added.

Hand sanitizer and masks are also provided for guests if necessary.

For more information on the Watershed Pub, visit their website here.

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