Roberson Museum and Science Center joins other New York state museums in building collections to broaden audiences

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The Roberson Museum and Science Center is building virtual collections to help broaden their audiences.

Funded by the IMLS CARES Act grant, the Museum Association of New York created the “Building Capacity, Creating Sustainability, Growing Accessibility” project. This project involves about 100 museums across New York state.

This two-year project is aimed to help museums collaborate on collections or stories involving communities whose stories might not have been paid attention to in the past.

Marketing and Events Coordinator Natalie Shoemaker says this community helps museums, big or small, come together to collaborate and brainstorm. 

“So being able to leverage the resources of an entire state and probably close to a hundred museums is better than one museum trying to do it all by themselves,” Shoemaker said.

Shoemaker also mentioned the museum is still in the introductory phase of the collection they want to create through this project.

Along with the Roberson Museum and Science Center, the Bundy Museum is participating in this program as well. 

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